Casino Etiquettes


Common Casino Etiquettes One Needs to Know

Are you a first timer to the casinos? Do you want your visit to the casino to be a more pleasant one? Click here for more info A little knowledge of the Etiquettes can make your visit more pleasant. Etiquette is nothing but the right way to behave in the casino. Etiquettes are usually followed in the casino to make every player’s experience in the casino easier. There are some other rules that are more formal and concern the use of thecard, cash, and chip handling. This article concentrates on the etiquette to be followed to be more comfortable while visiting a casino.

Starting from how to behave in the casino floor to handling cash, chips, and cards, here are the general guidelines.

Etiquette #1 – Behaviour on the Casino Floor

A varied selection of people enjoying casino games. Every individual playing the games should be given the opportunity to enjoy the games without troubling them. If there are people who make unnecessary noise around those who play, it causes unpleasantness and thus ruins the atmosphere. It is important to maintain a good and pleasant behavior while at the casino.

Etiquette #2 – Handling Cash, Card, and Chips

When Cash transactions happen inside the casinos, they should be in the view of the security cameras. The bills should be placed on the table in front of you and they are spread out and exchanged openly for chips. Another important thing to note is counting the cash. It is not a good etiquette to count your cash in the open at the casinos nor is it good to count it on the table. This is not only a bad etiquette but will distract the other players and attract petty thieves.

Note that Cards are allowed to be touched only in some games. Cards are not allowed to be touched when they are face-up. But when they are face-down which means you need to look at them, then you can use one hand to look at it. Also, the most important rule is not to remove them from the table or even move it slightly towards the edge. You will be asked to get out of the game if you repeatedly do this.

Same as the cards, chips should also be handled with caution. Chips should never be touched after a bet is made. Just like cards, touching of chips will lead to your removal from the game.

Etiquette #3 – Giving Clear Signal

For games like Blackjack, thesignal should be given more clearly. A verbal signal is considered as not enough. If the signal is not clear, this could cause confusion in the game which would lead to further troubles. A verbal signal along with a signal with the hand is necessary for games like Blackjack. This is to make sure the security cameras see it. The gestures need not be complicated. A simple tap or a hand movement towards you will suffice.

Etiquette #4 – Rules

There is no point in participating in a game without knowing its rules. You can play with the flow of the game only if you know the rules. The game rules are available both online and at casinos. When in doubt, one can also ask questions to the dealer but this would disrupt thins and other players could start making trouble and will lead to creating a bad atmosphere.

If the game tables are friendly, one may ask for other players advice, but it is not advisable to criticize other players or give advice that was not asked for.

Etiquette #5 – Slots and Video Poker

Players come to casinos to play their favorite games. Many players love playing more slot games and want to play more than one slot. Auto-play is one way to do so. But playing many slots at the same time will make it difficult for others to enjoy their games. Sometimes, playing slot machines that are next to each other is also considered to be a rude way to play as it keeps the other players waiting.

The above is true even for video poker games. In addition to being an etiquette, it also encourages people who are waiting to take the advantage of playing in abandoned slots.

Etiquette #6 – Tipping

Tipping is one of the most important etiquettes. It is always good to tip the dealers after you win because they are not paid well for their tough jobs. You need not pay a big sum but depending on the money you have won, you can tip them.