How Can We Help?


Our Casino is one of the safest casinos and we have a dedicated department to ensure that the whole environment is a safe one for our customers. We ensure that our customers have an enjoyable time with us. We are the enjoyable entertainment destination for many people around the world. Customers who have some difficulties in gambling can contact our staff as they may be helped with our responsible gaming initiatives.

The Responsible gaming initiative is a program that allows the customers to set their rules so that it helps them in controlling their limits in gaming machines as well as table games.

What Can the Customers Limit?

  • Limit the amount of money that they wish to spend at the casino.
  • Limit the time that they wish to spend at the casino venue.
  • Limit the number of visits they wish to make in a week.

Our dedicated department also assists the customers in various other things

  • It is sometimes not easy to tackle a problem when it is faced alone. Hence, customers can opt to be individually managed by our department. This is to ensure that our company supports them and ensures them to play within their limits and maintain a good, safe playing habit.
  • We understand that though gambling delivers fun and entertainment to many, it can become a serious issue in some people. As a company which has belief in responsible gambling, we take a more responsible approach to help people going through the negative effects of gambling.

We understand that it is important to be a Responsible Host that is fundamental to our Casino Business. Being a responsible host means that we are going an extra mile to serve both our customers and the community around us as such. We have a team that is available to the assist the customers 24/7.